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  John F. Caddy
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Scienziato di formazione e carriera, John F. Caddy ha iniziato a dipingere in Canada più di quarant’anni fa, dove ha esposto come membro dell’ “Associazione di Artisti delle Province Marittime”.

Ha continuato a dipingere anche dopo il suo arrivo in Italia nel 1979, ma con qualche eccezione (mostre collettiva alla FAO e a Casalpalocco), non ha partecipato molto nelle attività artistiche pubbliche.

Recentemente però, ha esposto in alcune mostre a Roma e Pisa con il gruppo “Artisti per la Pace”. I suoi primi quadri erano paesaggi ad acquarello, nel tipico stile di ‘Magic Realism’ del New England e Canada orientale. Ha illustrato sui libri di poesia e shamanesimo con immagini in bianco e nero, e ha cominciato a combinare i metodi manuali con la digitalizzazione delle immagini e la loro modifica tramite computer.

Il suo lavoro è cambiato in un genere più simbolico e astratto - continuando a sperimentare con un’ampia gamma di stili e metodi materiali.

In tutti i suoi quadri di quest’ultimo periodo, il tema dominante che viene esaltato attraverso le sue opere è quello dell’energia della natura.

Some general background on the Artist

By training and career, I am a professional scientist with more than 150 publications in the scientific literature on marine ecosystems and fisheries conservation. However, painting has played a major role in my life since I emigrated from the UK to Canada in 1966. More recently, my art has been affected by an initiation into shamanic and energy practices, and has resulted in my perception of energy phenomena that I try to communicate, and has shown up the gap between science and spiritual energy disciplines. At the same time, it has also shown me that the nature of creative energy in the arts and science is the same! - just that many scientists tend to follow the ‘current paradigm’ which restricts their creative potential.

Over the last decade, I developed a series of ideas that I characterise as my ‘Theory of Nearly Everything’ (TONE): a parody on the search by modern physics for a ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) – this latter approach by physics assumes that only physical phenomena exist, and supposes that once someone unites all physical phenomena in a set of equations, everything will be explained! Some hope! I wish them luck!!! Even if there is little hope anyone will come up with a complete description of the Universe, we all need to reconcile our belief systems with the reality of this world, but we need to give weight to our spiritual and artistic preferences while we do so.

In my personal search for meaning I have used dowsing, shamanic voyaging, and other energy disciplines to uncover surprising linkages between the ideas of our ancestors and recent discoveries in biology, astronomy and the structure of the mind. My two poetry books started me thinking about these themes, and like my recent book on energy practices, my books have been illustrated by photographs and personal drawings that I find helpful in setting the scene for writings on these ephemeral subjects.

Books published or in press:

John F. Caddy. (2006). A return to Subjectivity. Trafford Press. See

An excerpt:

There wasn’t any point in time when I could say “Yes! On such and such a day I began to perceive things in this new way!”. The consciousness of a different modality of looking at the world crept up on me gradually, growing out of remembered events and a closer awareness of my body and the present moment. It developed close at hand, so to speak, and can be expressed by the fundamental meaning of the word to ‘realize’, with its implication of an unfolding of awareness ongoing over months and years; closer to me than my breath. It was reported at the end of 2003 that ‘embedded’ was among the more popular new words in the public lexicon that year. This is encouraging, since one of the messages I would like to pass on is that we are ‘embedded’, not only in this world, but in some parallel dimensions within which we float and think and dream.


1st poetry book:

John F. Caddy (1989).‘From Below the Horizon’ (out of print) - Vantage Press.
(Poetry with drawings illustrating personal experiences and some key concepts).

2nd Poetry book:

Stanley Lowther (pseudonym in honour of my grandfather).2001. The Relativity of Journeys – Trafford Press – see:
(A travelogue in verse, recording significant incidents in the author’s global travels, and exploring of the symbolism inherent in travellers tales with photographic illustrations).


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John F. Caddy
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Aprilia - Latina

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